Hello. Welcome to the website of the Grove of the Red Earth, ADF.
                                We are the Atlanta, GA affiliate of ADF Ar nDraiocht Fein, "A Druid Fellowship".
   As such, we offer open-to-the-public Pagan worship for the eight High Days of the year. We also have study
and discussion meetings twice per month, as well as outings for events of interest to the grove membership.
Our website has just moved to its new location and we are slowly rebuilding it. Please visit again, as content will be
added as it becomes available.
If you would like more information about us, our meetings, or our rituals, feel free to contact us garedearth@live.com.  If you would like to know more about our parent organization, quite a bit of information is available at www.adf.org
Thank you for your interest in the Grove of the Red Earth, ADF. I hope you will return often.
Blessings and Strength,
James Lock
Senior Druid Grove of the Red Earth, ADF
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